About Allen

Allen Baker
I am Allen Baker. I was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico and planned from an early age to be a professional soldier and/or artist. Following an unexpected but logical path - the details of which I will omit, I became a software builder instead.
Joining the Army after high school, I was assigned to the Spearhead Division, which was deployed in West Germany's Fulda gap to repel the Soviet horde. Later, after majoring first in Art and then in Computer Science while attending seven different universities, I left college with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science and went to work building software. As an Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, and Program Manager, the projects in which I have held leadership positions have generated millions of dollars of revenue and savings for the companies I have worked for.

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My real accomplishments are marrying my beautiful wife and raising four magnificent children. My wife and I met and were married in Houston and then moved to San Diego. After a few years there, we moved to Idaho.
We bought some land and a log house in the Idaho mountains and raised our kids there. There was a creek running through the property, a fire pit we called Stonehenge, rivers nearby, and forests and meadows full of wildlife all around.
Now we live at the end of the rainbow in a foothills valley near Boise in a community called Hidden Springs.