About the Picture

Allen near Fulda, West Germany
The Communist Empire's East German border was just down the road and it perfectly embodied the Empire's psychopathic essence. It featured concrete guard towers manned by machine gun-toting soldiers with shoot-to-kill orders, minefields, war dog patrols, vibration and motion sensors, search lights, razor wire, and electrified and mined fences. More menacing than the perimeter of a maximum-security prison, it served on a gargantuan scale the exact same purpose - to prevent escape from within. An actual iron curtain would have been less deranged.
Here's the basic layout. This fortification was not a defensive barrier, it was a civilian containment system. As a defensive barrier, it was useless. An advancing military formation would have blown right through it without slowing down.
This thing is a fence-mounted directional anti-personnel mine. After one of these was done with you, your body parts and entrails would be hanging from the fence and light poles. Although each one had a killing range of up to 120 meters, they were spaced at intervals of 10 meters. The Empire believed deeply in overkill.

Notice that it was on the inside of the fence where it would kill people trying to get out, not on the outside as a defense against attackers. You can tell it was on the inside because the fence post was on the other side. Fence posts were always on the outside of the fence so the fence would not just rip from the posts if a truck or car was driven into it from the inside.
No place along the border was out of sight - or firing range - of at least one of these. Nice, huh? Those three dark rectangles under the observation deck windows were firing ports. A splendid empire, indeed.

The Empire, a hellish monument to the utter stupidity of leftism, was the ghastly horror that communists everywhere had, and still have in mind for all of us.