About This Website

Whatever Became Of Personal Websites
There was a time when having a personal website was useful for sharing photos, keeping up with friends and family, advertising your professional standing, and showing off your Internet prowess. Over the years, much of that value has evaporated, causing many people to abandon their personal websites. Now, when you want to share photos or keep up with friends and family, you use Facebook. It seems like most people who use the web regularly have Facebook accounts now, and many check it several times a day. It has become a reliable way to stay in touch with people. My Facebook page is linked at the left of this page. If you want to trumpet your professional qualifications, well, that is what LinkedIn is for. LinkedIn is where everyone goes for professional background information. It has become the place recruiters and employers go to find qualified employees, and colleagues go to check out the competition. There is a LinkedIn link to the left too. As for showing off your Internet prowess by having a personal website, well, that does not seem to impress nearly as many people now as it used to.

Why Do I Still Have One
So, with that said, why do I have this personal website? Partly, it is about maintaining a tradition. I built a personal website in the mid-nineties when the web was new, web technologies were primitive, and when those few people who used the web at all were mostly using it to stare at AOL's "downloading graphics" message. My web pages were hand-coded - neat and tidy. The page layouts were simple, clean, unique, and for the time, attractive. I built some simple tools to maintain it and it served me well for years as a place to put information about my work, my family, and me. However, over time, the usefulness of having that kind of content on it diminished to almost nil and with the advances in website design, its appearance became intolerably outmoded. Instead of abandoning it to an eternal existence as a zombie though, I decided to change its look and content because there are still a few things that I can usefully share on a personal website.

What Treasures Are Buried Within
There is source code that I wrote: VBA source code, C and C++ source code, C# source code, and Java source code. There are software applications and tools that I built: Excel applications - apps built to run in Excel and ranging from a psychometric testing app to a color picking and encoding app to several project management apps and other apps in between; and Windows applications, mostly text processing and file management tools. There are papers I wrote: papers on several topics, though they are predominately on aspects of software engineering. And there are other miscellaneous things to share as well. There are no "websites of record" for these kinds of content, i.e., universally frequented Internet establishments like Facebook and LinkedIn. Therefore, for the sake of all humanity, I will put these products of my unsurpassed genius here on my personal website. Then I can revel in vainglorious rapture as teeming hordes of ravenous content consumers swarm in from cyberspace to partake of the treasure.